Tuesday, February 2, 2010


An artistic style that stresses fantastic and subconscious approaches to art making and often results in images that cannot be rationally explained.

Pop Art

An art movement originating in the 1960's that sought inspiration from everyday popular culture and the techniques of commercial art.

Focal point

A compositional device emphasizing a certain a certain area or object to draw attention to the piece and to encourage closer scrutiny of the work.

Radial Design

When all the elements in a design point towards one point.


The overall arrangement and organization of visual elements on a two-dimensional surface.

Visual Unity

Elements have a similarity to the eye; they are similar in shape, size and color.


An assembly of found objects composed as a piece of sculpture. (Like a 3-D collage.)


An element of design that communicates an idea or meaning beyond beyond that of its literal form.


An artwork created by assembling and pasting variety of materials to a two-dimensional surface.